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At HostMilano the latest in food service equipment, between the pizza and catering worlds

Technology becomes a valuable ally in the kitchen, a key support for saving time, optimising resources and achieving high-performance results. This is what has emerged from the findings gathered by HostMilano, the leading hospitality event, which, thanks to its privileged point of view and constant dialogue with industry professionals and qualified “contributors”, is able to outline the evolution and trends in foodservice equipment at 360°. What emerges is specifically about product and service innovation, but especially how technology can be applied to the tools used in a professional kitchen.

Featured equipment: the allies for a perfect pizza

One of the sectors that has always shown itself to be rich in innovation is the white art, which includes the bread, pasta and pizza sectors, with a specific focus on production and baking techniques. Oven, kneading machine, refrigerator, freezers, as well as blast chiller, planetary, induction cookers and plates, cold line. These are the pieces of equipment used in a kitchen dedicated to the art of pizza, to which are added other tools that each artisan uses in the preparation of the products. So, what equipment will pizza makers but also bakers, cooks and chefs be able to rely on? Based on the evidence collected by the HostMilano Observatory, the principle of innovating in energy efficiency and savings now seem to be a constant that drives many of the companies in the sector. For example, the focus on energy conservation has been embodied in proposals such as the open-top electric oven equipped with a patented system that creates an air blade to counteract the escape of heat, or the range of multi-purpose static ovens supported by 4.0 technology. Maximum productivity with dividers and rounders that speed up production in weighing and forming pizza dough balls. The importance of offering pre and post sales services by focusing on training, video tutorials and webinars also emerges. The innovation applied to the various products with all the characteristics to qualify as Industry 4.0 goods, allows users to obtain not only economic benefits, but also improvements in the quality of their work thanks to faster and more intuitive human-machine interaction and immediate remote assistance in case of need.

Serving professionals to optimize resources

Innovating in the world of catering means not only choosing to use energy-efficient professional machinery, but also smart solutions that enable the professional to serve fresh, high-quality food on the correct time to customers, whatever the mode of consumption. In the food processing sector, according to the industry players surveyed by HostMilano, there is a need to better manage consumption, functionality and costs: dedicated vacuum-packing equipment undoubtedly represents great potential, both in terms of food preservation and cooking, minimizing any waste, as does IoT technology that allows a series of equipment to be connected together and programmed according to actual needs. New entry is the patented machine that changes oil automatically in seconds, such as the option for integrated, self-contained sanitisation with ozone generator. Among the trends of the moment intercepted by HostMilano, the roner represents not only a tool to be used for cooking food, but a real style of cooking, much appreciated by many chefs, including Davide Oldani. The two-Michelin-starred chef at D’O tells HostMilano how technologies are indispensable in the kitchen today, but always combined with the human factor. From materials to ovens, from professional equipment to refrigeration systems, everything is now about technology and sustainability. A profound breakthrough in the production of dedicated foodservice equipment that is rewarded by a major recognition: the Smart Label Innovation Award. Promoted by Host – Fiera Milano in collaboration with POLI.design, it awards those products, services, and projects that stand out in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, ethics or social implications. Now in its fifth year, the award is aimed at all companies registered with HostMilano and is a not-to-be-missed biennial event. In fact, the Smart Label Innovation Award is a stimulus for the development of innovative projects capable of meeting the needs of an ever changing industry. Therefore, the next event will be an opportunity to discover the 2023 trends in the equipment world.

Efficiency in food processing while respecting eco-sustainability: “low” consumption and “up” solutions awarded

Today you have the ability to efficiently and interactively manage machines that cook, package, season, ripen, process. Potentially all the tools used in a professional kitchen, can be controlled and managed remotely with an incredible increase in both operational and energy efficiency. In the context of sustainability, several players identified by HostMilano have launched efficient systems on the market. Like the revolutionary dishwasher with two separate washing chambers that operate simultaneously. Although the machine takes up the same space as a standard dishwasher, it can wash twice the amount of dishes in the same time, thus saving energy. The application of technology has led to the creation of professional machines dedicated to the perfect cleaning and disinfection of glass bottles, plates and cups made of rigid and reusable plastic, with a view to sustainability. Demands from industry professionals for new effective solutions for disinfecting kitchen equipment have also increased. The answer? Energy-efficient LED technology appliances, as well as water-saving hand wash basins and food warmers that consume three times less energy than similar appliances.

HostMilano is already warming up the engines for the next appointment at Fieramilano from 13 to 17 October 2023. The 43rd edition will showcase all the Horeca supply chains: Professional Catering, Bakery, Pizza, Pasta, Coffee, Tea, Bar, Coffee Machines, Vending, Ice Cream Pastry, Furniture, Technology and Tableware.

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